Best Music Addons For Kodi

A lot of people think Kodi Is just a one note pony that can only stream video content. Well this just isn’t true and if you start digging into Kodi as much as I have you begin to realize all the features Kodi has to offer. Not only can you stream music, you can view pictures, play video games and browse the internet. You can also customize your interface to you hearts desire while still being able to watch all your favorite shows.

Kodi truly is an all in one package deal! Before we get started I would like to point out that this tutorial already assumes you know how to install addons on your Kodi device. It’s a fairly simple process and by following my guide you should be able to Install your music addons without much effort on your part.

Best Kodi Addons For Your Music Library


If you haven’t heard of SoundCloud or don’t know what Soundcloud is no worries, I will explain it to you.

SoundCloud is an online music streaming service that you can listen to for free. They offer podcasts, radio and music tracks. These tracks are uploaded by various users around the world and it’s a great way to find new music that you will love. You can follow certain accounts so you can stay updated on their content. You can also upload your own music if you would like. Soundcloud is basically the social media of the music world.

Installation Instructions

  • Open Kodi on your device
  • Go addons and select it
  • Now go to the “install from repository” option
  • Access the Kodi addon repository
  • Go down to the music addons category and select it.
  • Scroll down to SoundCloud and select it.
  • Select install
  • Once installed you can go to music addons and find SoundCloud thereThis addon is installed through the official Kodi Repository and this is why you didn’t have to install anything from a zip file or github link! Kodi is not only used for third party addons and if you haven’t checked out the official Kodi repository I suggest you take a look. They offer a lot of free legitimate addons that are constantly updated and worked on by official Kodi addon developers.

Youtube Music Addon

This addon is great, it has no relation to the actual youtube music app but what it does do is pulls music content from youtube and brings it directly to your Kodi device. I would say this is probably one of the best addons for music on Kodi at the moment that is made by a 3rd party developer. It has additional playlist options that play from billboard, spotify, itunes and more. All links are guaranteed high quality which a lot of 3rd party music addons had a hard time producing.

Youtube music addon lets you stream any song that you want at anytime from around the world. When you click on a link from a song it scrapes youtube and returns to you an HD link. Any song that has a music video will play directly from the source.

Youtube Music Addon was developed and considered superior to the mp3 streams kodi addon and since taken it’s place in the kodi community.

How To install Youtube Music Addon

  • Click this link and download the kodinerds repo 
  • Once the zip file has downloaded move it to your desktop so you can find it easily.
  • Open Kodi on your device
  • Select addons from the sidebar.
  • Click the box in the top left corner of the sidebar
  • Go to the “install from zip file ” option and select it.
  • Find your desktop folder on your pc through Kodi
  • Select  and let it install
  • Now go to the “install from repository” option
  • Find the Kodi nerds Repo
  • Go down to the music addons category and select it
  • Find the youtube music addon and select to install
  • Once installed you can find this addon in your kodi’s home menu under “music addons”


These are the only two addons I recommend for Kodi music addons at the moment. There is no other music addon that I know of that works. Especially from third party addons. These are the best music addons for kodi at the moment all others do not work. This guide includes an addon from the official Kodi repo and one addon from an unofficial Kodi Repo.