Good Kodi Movie addons

So it’s Friday night, your home for the weekend and you want to unwind. Unfortunately Netflix doesn’t have one of the movies you want to watch so you turn to Kodi. Kodi can be hit or miss sometimes especially if you don’t pay for a premium service like real debrid.

I find the addons like exodus that use web-hosts like to buffer a lot which can be frustrating when you’re watching a movie. It can really ruin the whole experience. Another problem with those types of addons is often you have to visit their website and pair your device, which wouldn’t be too much of a hassle if they weren’t littered with ads!

You also have sources that don’t work and end up with a poor resolution for your movie, which is no bueno for me as well.

The addon I like to use to watch all my movies which aren’t on netflix is elementum.


Elementum is a p2p based addon. If you’re wondering what p2p is don’t worry I’m going to tell you!

P2P or peer 2 peer is basically like torrenting, your connection is being seeded from someone hosting the file. This can be a good and bad thing because not only can the person hosting the file see your connection, but anyone else connecting to said file can also see your connection. This is just like torrenting, this is how companies in hollywood get letters sent to you by your cable company telling you to stop.

You can get around this issue by connecting your device to a vpn, then you will remain completely private and worry free if you’re worried about this type of thing.

A good thing about elementum is I find it rarely buffers, and always has a high definition source. When I select a file I always read how many seeders there is and how big the file is. This allows me to weed out any source files that make cause issues while watching the movie such as buffering.

How to Install Elementum

  • Go To Kodi Settings, System, Addons (enable expert View), and Enable unknown sources
  • Go to Kodi Settings, Services, Control, and enable Allow remote control from applications or other systems
  • Download latest All-In-On zip from Here
  • Go To Kodi Settings, Add-ons
  • Press Install From Zip File
  • Locate the zip you downloaded earlier and install it
  • Wait a couple of seconds and you’ll be prompted to also install Elementum Burst
  • That’s all and you should be good to go