How To Delete Addons On Kodi In 60 Seconds Or Less

There are tons of guides out there on how to install addons on Kodi, but what if you want to know how to delete addons on Kodi? There are multiple reasons why you would want to uninstall a Kodi addon such as the addon not working. Or maybe the addon keeps crashing Kodi, whichever reason you have to uninstall your Kodi addon, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are removing an addon because of not wanting a certain family member accessing it you can just hide it instead. If you rather this solution then actually uninstalling the Kodi addon you can view my guide to do so here.

How To Remove Addons From Kodi

So let’s get right to it! You got an addon that is screwing around and need to get rid of it. Read the instructions below and learn how to quickly uninstall your Kodi addon.


how to delete addons on kodi
Open Kodi and go down to the addons category


how to delete addons on kodi
Right-click on the addon you want to uninstall and select the information option. If you are using an android box select the menu button on your remote while on the addon you would like to uninstall. If you are on an android phone touch and hold the addon you would like to uninstall.



how to delete addons on kodi
Select the uninstall option to uninstall the addon



how to delete addons on kodi
Confirm the uninstallation by selecting the “yes” option

And you’re done! See how fast and easy that was? Now that you know how to uninstall addons you’re basically ahead of the game. Knowing the basics of Kodi is essential unless you want to be one of the many people paying others to do the technical work for you. Don’t forget even though you uninstalled the Kodi addon you still have the addon repository installed. This means you can reinstall the addon later on if you change your mind without having to go through all the steps. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys liked my tutorial!