How To Get Hallmark channel on Kodi & Others!

Kodi is a very versatile software, and since streaming became the more affordable and popular option of watching TV, I longed for the ol’ TV experience. Kodi addons for me weren’t cutting it, most addons (at the time) didn’t have a play next feature. If you are anything like I am, I like to have the TV on for background noise while reading reddit posts on my phone or watching hilarious videos on social media.

Even when I’m washing the dishes I like to have my background noise. This is where Kodi had failed me. I couldn’t just put on a video and walk away. I had to come back once the show was done and put on another. ( not ideal!)

So I got to researching and googling trying to find a more TV like experience with my android box and Kodi. I stumbled onto the subject of IPTV, which sounded too good to be true. After a day or so of reading I finally decided to the plunge and purchase a service. If I’m honest it was crap, it barely worked and when it did work it would work without sound.

I probably tried 5 or 6 different IPTV providers until I found the right one. Now I have had the same provider for the last 3 years. I pay $13 Canadian a month and can view up to 500 channels. This includes sports, movies and yes the hallmark channel.

You can click here and view the service provider I use and make your own decision if you would also like to take the plunge.

Their website provides you with all the information needed on how to get setup through Kodi. Here is the guide for android boxes