How To Hide Addons In Kodi

How To Hide Addons In Kodi

Hiding addons in Kodi is a useful skill to know. Whether or not you have kids or have family and friends over I’m sure you wouldn’t want them accidentally selecting an adult addon. To hide the addon for the time being until you are ready to use it again all you have to do is disable it so it stops showing up in your widgets. In this tutorial I will show you exactly how to do that.


  1. Open Kodi and select addons


  2. Scroll down and select ” my addons”


  3. Go to the the video addons category and select whichever addon you would like to hide. for this example I’m going to use youtube.


  4. Select disable and you will notice that the addon doesn’t show up in your video addon widget.


Now every time you would like to use the addon that you have hidden from plain view you will have to follow these steps again. The only difference is isĀ  that the “disable” button will read “enable” and you just select enable to enable it. Scroll back to your video addons and you will see the icon showing up in your widget.

Please note that if the person that is using your device to run Kodi and knows how to tinker with it will probably still be able to find this addon. This method is only suggested if you would like to keep the addon out of plain sight and have kids that don’t have the know how to access the addon in the addon settings.

I would suggest if you are concerned about someone using your adult addons then maybe you should consider getting a seperate device for this purpose and keep it hooked up to a TV in your bedroom. Or if you have an android phone or tablet you could always install Kodi on there and use the addons on those devices instead.