How To Install CyberFlix Android

CyberFlix is an android application that acts as a media search engine. It crawls the web for hosts to the media file you are looking for and allows you to stream the content. All these links are already available to you but cyberflix does all the hard work and brings it to you compiled into one application on your android device.

This application came out after the shutdown of terrarium tv, my understanding from reviews and my own personal experience is this app gives you the closest experience to using the old Terrarium TV.

CyberFlix Supports the use of Real Debrid and premiumize links. This means you can authorize your premium accounts in the settings so you can get the best quality links, video speeds and video quality. I highly suggest if you have Real debrid or premiumize that you set it up with CyberFlix for a much better user experience.

How To install CyberFlix

  • Visit this website on your android device and download the APK.  You can also do this from your PC and transfer it over via USB if you would like.
  • Once the download is finished you must find the APK on your device and select it. You may be prompted asking if you would like to install this APK  from an unknown source, Just select yes.
  • Once the app is installed you can now open it and start streaming!

Additional Instructions

If you would like to use your Real Debrid service with this application follow these instructions.

  • Open CyberFlix on your Android device.
  • Once opened go down to the “settings” option and open it.
  • Scroll down to the Real-Debrid category and select login to Real Debrid.
  • You will be prompted to enter an authorization code
  • Enter the code and hit continue
  • Login to Real Debrid with your account credentials
  • Your device should now be authorized.

Cyberflix Buffering Issues

If you experience buffering issues streaming your video content there’s a few things we can try to rule it. If you have other family members in your home using any streaming services such as netflix or disney + then the issue could be your bandwidth. Using multiple streaming services on different devices will bog down your internet speeds.

Depending on the device you can try to switch wifi bands from 2.4 GHZ to 5 GHZ.  I only recommend switching to 5 GHZ band if you are fairly close to your router. This will give you a stronger wifi connection when in range. If your device is setup on the other side of the house it’s best to continue using 2.4 GHZ.

If you have an android box that came with an ethernet port I strongly recommend using this over using a wifi connection. This may fix your buffering issues. If all else fails then it’s time to try and find a different source to stream the episode or movie you want to watch.  These free links aren’t the greatest at times and it’s recommended to just use real debrid instead. Obviously not all of use can afford to use Real Debrid so I figured I would give you some steps on trouble shooting your buffering issues.

Screenshot Tutorial

Visit this website and download the apk file.


If you get prompted with something like this, just download anyway ( don’t worry it’s safe)
Locate the APK on your android device and open it
Select Install to install APK
And your done! Continue reading if you’d like to set up Real Debrid
Access the settings category within the cyberflix app
Scroll down until you see real debrid and select login to real debrid


Enter the authorization code
Enter your login credentials and your all set to go!