How To Watch Sports Channels On Kodi – Step By Step

Watching Sports channels on Kodi is fairly simple. Really Kodi in general is a fairly simple program once you get the hang of it!

So you have a few options when it comes to watching sports with Kodi. You can wait for the game to be done and over with and watch it from an addon like Seren . Now This isn’t the most ideal approach but will work in a pinch especially if you missed the game you’d like to watch.

Seren requires a real debrid subscription to use. If you don’t know what real debrid is and would like to learn more about it you can click here and read my informative post.

Now if you’re looking to watch hockey, football, baseball live you will have to go another route. This still requires you to install an addon but you won’t need to pay a premium service to watch.

This addon is called The Crew. The Crew is an exodus fork but also has some live channels bundled into it. This includes sports channels luckily!

You can click here to learn how to install The Crew Addon

There definitely is more addons out there that can help you watch sports but these are the addons I recommend.

But wait… There’s one more option!

How To Watch Sports Channels On Kodi

Have you heard of IPTV? In the last few years IPTV has been becoming more and more popular for a cord cutting solution. Which is great in theory but isn’t normally free.

I personally use IPTV as my daily source of TV via Kodi and the PVR Stalker Client. It costs me $13 Canadian a month and I get over 500 channels. Mind you not all the channels work but the majority do. This includes all the sports channels I could ever ask for. If you would like to learn more about IPTV check out my post here and learn which provider I use and how to get setup.