Is There A Monthly Fee For Amazon Fire Stick – What You Should Know

Is There A Monthly Fee For Fire Stick?

With all the new products Amazon keeps producing some people start to wonder, what’s the hidden cost? Obviously there must be some sort of catch since their products can be so cheap. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s no catch. Amazon produces these products specifically hoping that you will want to subscribe to their monthly service. This is a pretty smart plan, give the users a device with your paid video streaming service and watch the money fly!

So if you question is ” is there a monthly fee for fire stick?” Well, there could be depending on what you plan on using the device for. If you plan on using Netflix on the device, there’s a monthly fee. Wanna use amazon prime video? There’s another monthly fee. How about some HBO Max? Bam another monthly fee. I think you can see where I’m going with this…

There are so many streaming services today all dedicated to different companies that seen Netflix making it big so they decided to copy their business model and make their own service. There is no obligation whatsoever to subscribe to any of these services. Obviously Amazon is selling you this device secretly hoping that you opt for their service but it isn’t necessary.

You can always opt into any other online streaming service as I mentioned above. Or you can look up different methods to stream video with your amazon fire stick.  Before I start talking about one of the best free methods to watch videos on your amazon fire stick let’s pretend there is a monthly cost for the firestick.

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Monthly Subscription Costs

  • Netflix – $12.99
  • Amazon Prime Video – $4.99 to $14.99
  • Disney + – $6.99
  • HBO Max – $14.99

So as you can see whichever streaming service you decide to get could give you a monthly cost with your amazon fire stick. Technically buying this device it’s expected you’re going to explore more conventional ways to watch your favorite TV shows and with the more conventional ways of watching TV shows usually comes a price.

Let’s Dive Into Some Free Ways

So obviously by now you know there is no monthly fee for firestick. But you are extremely limited to certain content if you don’t purchase an online video subscription service. Not only are you limited, depending on your technical know-how you may become frustrated trying to get this process to work.

So have you heard about Kodi? Kodi is an open-source media player software that lets you install addons of your choosing that other people have made. Kodi has quite the library of official addons that can get you by on quite a bit of free content itself. Some of the addons require account details to paid services, such as certain TV channels, etc. There is a very active community over at that will help you with any issues you have with official Kodi regulated addons.

Unofficial Kodi Addons

Obviously, if you know my website or have gone looking around, my website is mainly focused on the world of unofficial Kodi addons. Why are they unofficial? Because these addons are made my 3rd parties and are not supported by the creators of Kodi. This means you shouldn’t go to their website community asking for help because one of your 3rd party addons had broken, THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU.

So what can unofficial Kodi addons provide for you? Third-party addons can be focused on many things, different genres of TV shows, Cartoons or movies. It doesn’t matter someone has probably made it. 3rd party addons provide video streams for recently released content. Since technically you’re not downloading any of this content and it’s off somewhere in the world being hosted on an undisclosed server these addons aren’t illegal but kind of step into a grey area. If you have any worries using these addons and your isp finding out about them you can always run your connection through a VPN so it can’t be tracked.

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Third-party addons are definitely a great thing, they provide you quality content for free. The unfortunate thing about third party addons is that some of the developers will stop working on them, leading to broken video sources or the addon not working altogether. These types of addons come and go and there have been multiple top dogs that have fallen over the years so you really need to pay attention to what’s going on in the unofficial Kodi community.

Installing Kodi On Fire Stick

Installing Kodi on firestick isn’t hard but you definitely need to be able to follow an online tutorial to do so. It’s not like a smartphone where you just go to the google play store punch in Kodi and install. The method of installing Kodi on the fire stick requires you to sideload the application to install it since you don’t have easily available access to the APK.

Some people like to call this jailbreaking but in reality, you’re just installing a apk from other means then what amazon has provided you with. If it were jailbreaking you would be completely altering the device’s official software of the fire stick. Sort of like how you hear about jailbroken apple products that you let you do more than the original software the device came with.

If you’d like to learn how to install Kodi on the amazon fire stick you can visit my tutorial here. The tutorial is the last one on the page and will help you get Kodi setup as soon as possible.


Is there a monthly fee for the fire stick? No there isn’t. What you decide to do with your device and who you decide to subscribe to is totally up to do. Amazon is simply providing you with a device that allows you to watch media from several different platforms in hopes that you end up subscribing to their service. You can use the fire stick directly out of the box without paying anymore a month if you decide to dive into some other unconventional methods for streaming.