Is There a Universal Remote For Android Box? – Oh No Where’s My Remote?!

If you are reading this post then you are obviously here under unfortunate circumstances. Whether your cat decided to knock it off the table or your child decided to wash it in the toilet, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the remote is broken and now you can’t use your device. So what can you do now? Is there such a thing as a universal remote for android tv box?

…. Sort of.

In this guide, I will teach you how to use an app I use daily on my android phone that will allow you to control your android box. I also use a separate app for Kodi all together but that doesn’t help you when you are on the home screen of your device.

Remote VC

This is an app for android that will allow you to control your device and access everything you need to just like a remote would. Unfortunately, this app will not turn on your android box and the box needs to be on for this app to work. You also must have an internet connection and be connected to the same internet provider.


  • Access the google play store on your android phone or tablet.
  • In the search bar type remote VC.
  • Click on remote VC
  • Select install app
  • Now that the app is installed go back to home and find the remote VC
  • Open the app
  • Click on the top left icon with the magnifying glass
  • You should see an IP address such as (this will be different for everyone)
  • Select The Ip address and you’re done!

Now you can use your phone as a universal remote for your android box. If you can’t find the IP address of your device you will have to access the device settings and find it under connections.

Unfortunately this remote isn’t the greatest especially for having to type things on. So all I use it for is browsing through the home screen menus on my android box.

Yatse remote

Now onto the remote, I use strictly for Kodi. This remote only works with Kodi and there is a few settings you will need to change within Kodi to have this app work properly. But first, let’s go ahead and install the app.

  • Open the play store on your android phone or tablet.
  • Type in the word “yatse” into the search bar
  • It should be the first result of your search. Select it and install it.
  • Once installed exit out of the play store and find the app and open it.
  • Now we need to open up Kodi on your android box
  • Select the settings cog on the left sidebar
  • Select “Services”
  • Now go to the second option “control”
  • Enable the first option  “allow remote control via HTTP”
  • Back out of settings and back to the home page of Kodi.
  • Now we need to open Yatse up on our phone
  • Since it’s the first time opening Yatse will automatically scan for an address to connect to
  • This may take a few minutes but once it’s select the address is the one you want to use
  • and you’re done!

The only thing I don’t like about yatse is I can only control Kodi on my android box and can’t navigate on the android box’s software. Otherwise, this is probably the best remote app you will find on the google play store.

Wireless Keyboard Remote

Luckily we can also get a wireless keyboard remote if you don’t like the idea of using an app to control your android box. You may have even gotten one when you purchased your android box and if that’s the case then you don’t have to read this section if you’d like.

The intelligent universal remote control for android tv box that I would recommend for anyone to buy is the Upgrade Air Remote Mouse. This remote is a two in one type of deal where you can either use it as a remote control or a computer mouse. Since it can be used as a computer mouse that means you can turn your android box into a mini-computer and use it to browse the web just like you would a computer.

The Upgrade Air Remote Mouse comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t even have to worry about it malfunctioning which is a huge issue with normal android box remotes. Not only can this remote be used with your android box it can be used for your smart TV, computer, MAC  and your projector if you have one.


Unfortunately this remote isn’t compatible with certain brands and I would like to tell you what they are before you run off buying one.  You cannot use this remote control for amazon firestick or the amazon fire tv. There are three TV brands as well that you cannot use this remote with and they are; Samsung, Sony, and LG.

The compatibility will not affect you if you only plan on using the universal remote for your android box.



  • As a remote, it provides you with simple and easy navigate, the remote is very minimalistic.
  • It converts as a mouse and can be used just like a computer mouse is.
  • Comes with a full keyboard which comes in handy if you are trying to install addons or searching for a movie to watch on Kodi by name. If you’ve ever tried to type out something on a remote without a keyboard it can be very frustrating and also take a long time!
  • With the USB dongle plugged into your android box you can turn your box on and off just like you would a regular remote. This is definitely the better option than installing the android apps I mentioned earlier as they do not have the capability of turning your android box on. The android box has to already be running and be connected to wifi for those apps to work, this remote doesn’t need that functionality.
  • It also comes with an auto sleep and auto wake up feature. This means when the remote hasn’t been used for 15 seconds the remote automatically goes to sleep and when it is picked up it automatically wakes up. This saves the battery life of your remote control. I should also mention that the remote comes with a built-in battery so you get to save money on batteries by charging instead.

All in all this universal remote is a great purchase for any android box out there. It can turn your android box on and off, has a keyboard, mouse and can be recharged when needed. If Android apps aren’t your thing or your box doesn’t come with a power switch this remote is basically your only option to get your android box back up and running.

I hope this guide has helped you on your search for a universal remote for your android tv box and I hope you don’t run into any more future troubles with your device!

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