Kdlinks A400 Review

Kdlinks A400










User Friendliness



  • Hard Drive Bay
  • Dolby Digital Sound Compatible
  • Powerful
  • Dual Wifi


  • Kind of big
  • Expensive

The Kdlinks A400 is an amazing android box. This one definitely blows budget android boxes out of the water. You definitely get exactly what you are paying for. The hard drive bay is an excellent touch and allows you to add as much storage as you like. If you are into torrenting this is a hugeee deal! You can install a hard drive with your whole media library directly inside this box with little effort. Why even bother with Kodi at this point if you can download all the content you want and transfer it wirelessly from your computer directly to the box with its Samba feature.

Obviously this box is a little pricey but it is definitely worth the money if you are tired of budget boxes breaking, buffering or just plain not working.  Let’s check out the Aesthetics of this bad boy!

Kdlinks a400 Aesthetics

kdlinks a400

  •  Front Facing Clock – I always like seeing clocks on android boxes. It’s not a common feature to have and definitely makes the device stand out.
  • Sleek black Design – For the size of the android box I would still say that this design is sleek.  It has a nice matte black shine and doesn’t look out of place while on my entertainment stand.
  • Logo – I’m not a big fan of the logo on top of the box, it just stands out too much.
  • Size – The size is definitely not a selling point to me. Budget android boxes come in much smaller form but obviously, because of this android boxes size, it can outperform the others. This is because there is a lot bigger and better hardware installed in the kdlinks a400 than there is in a cheap budget android box. With the size it is, it reminds me of a cable box from your cable provider so it really isn’t a big deal.

All in all, I’m happy with the design of the kdlinks a400. But the design isn’t really the main selling point for me when looking for an android box and it shouldn’t be for you either. You want a reliable device that you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies without issue.

Let’s check out the specs of the device so you can get an idea of how well this thing performs!

Kdlinks a400 Specs

At first look without knowing anything about this device, you would think the specs are sub-par. This just isn’t true but I can imagine why you would think that and than bawk at the price. With 16gb of storage and only 2 GB of ddr3 ram, you’re probably thinking this isn’t any better than a regular $50 android box, but you would be wrong!

The reason the kdlinks a400 is so powerful isn’t just because of ram. You have to think like a computer nerd to understand this one! This box comes with a 4 core CPU PLUS an 8 core GPU.  This is basically triple any budget android boxes specs.

Moving onto the storage only being 16 GB, yes this definitely sounds lackluster. This is because, well it is. But never fear because they packed this device with its very own hard drive bay. Simply flip up the top of this device and pop in a hard drive, no screws required. You have the ability to add as much storage as you want to this device.


Anyways let’s do a quick break down

  •  2 gb of DDR 3 Ram – In my honest opinion they could’ve put more ram in this device for the price but it is still lightning fast.
  • 16 GB Of Storage – Doesn’t matter since you can add whichever hard drive you would like to your device.
  • Dual Wifi – Good feature to have if you don’t have access to your internet via ethernet cable.
  • Fan – Yes you read right. This android box has a fan on the back to keep itself cool. What android box do you know comes with a fan? Not many and this is because it doesn’t have the hardware capable of needing a fan.
  • 4 core Cpu – Most Android Boxes come with these, but the GPU is really where this baby shines.
  • 8 core GPU – There is no lagging or studdering images when it comes to this GPU. Plays 4k flawlessly.
  • Gigabit Lan – This is a great feature and allows for the device to process data fast via an ethernet cord.
  • Dolby Digital Sound Compatible – You will have no issue using this device with your surround sound system. A lot of android boxes like to claim that they are compatible but it usually turns out that they are not.

What I Like About This Device

Really I don’t have much bad to say about the kdlink a400. It’s an all-around great user experience and outperforms the majority of android boxes for a good reason.  I really like the hard drive bay, hands down this is my favorite feature of the device and I can see myself taking full advantage of this feature. I recommend you do the same!


What I don’t Like About This Device

Like I said I don’t have much bad to say about this device but I will throw a little shade at it. Depending on the person’s budget the price seems a little high. Also, the size of the box is a little much but it is understandable considering the type of hardware inside. I never liked the antenna on the outside of the box design on any android box and this one is no exception. You think with the size of the device they would’ve been able to hide the antenna on the inside but here we are!


Would I Buy This Device?

Absolutely, and I have. I just couldn’t pass on a device that comes with a feature to pop in your own hard drive. I much rather view content offline than have to deal with unreliable streaming links on Kodi. So this is what I use when I want to binge-watch seasons of TV shows instead of trying to watch newly released episodes. The only thing you have to consider here is what you intend on using this device for. The average Kodi user probably doesn’t need a device this powerful to get by. Hell, most people get by, by using an amazon fire tv stick, which isn’t even close performance-wise when comparing these two.

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