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How To Install Kodi


What Is Kodi?  Kodi Is an open source media platform that allows you to watch movies, play music and organize your media library all in one. Kodi is completely free and can be used on multiple different platforms. Kodi is not associated with any 3rd party addons that are made to stream media. Kodi comes with it’s own addons already compiled within the software which are free to use. Some may require account logins to certain services.

Disclaimer : has no affiliation with Kodi or it’s brand. Addons4kodi is an information based website that shares and shows how to install the latest third party addons being developed by third party developers. These developers and their addons have no affiliation with Kodi as well and are used at your own risk. is not responsible for any damage that may come to your hardware through 3rd party addons with malicious intent. researches all addons accordingly and makes the best attempt to find the safest addons for users.

How To Install Kodi Windows 10

Installing Kodi on Windows 10 is really easy. Simply visit the official Kodi website download the software. Do not download Kodi from any other website then the official one because it could be malicious.

Scroll Down the page until you see the multiple software logos that support Kodi.

Now you should see a popup that gives you your options for your whichever system you are using. For me I would select and 64 bit. You can also download kodi straight from the windows store as well.

Once you selected which installer you need wait for the file to download then open it.

Now that the file is open hit next

Select I agree to continue your installation

Select which packages to install, I install both.

Select where you want the file to be installed

Select install

You’re all done! Now you can either run Kodi or just select finish and continue doing what you were doing.

If you do chose to open feel free to check the addons section of our website to get some addons so you can get started streaming.

How To Install Kodi Android

Installing Kodi On android is really simple, especially if you are using your phone or tablet! All you need is a google play account and a device that is capable of running the latest version of Kodi.

First find the playstore on your device

Type Kodi into the search bar of the playstore

Select Kodi it should be the top result.

Now Just hit install kodi.

Now That Kodi is installed you can get started installing addons. Vist the addons section of our website to find some addons that might interest you.

How To Install Kodi On Mac

Unfortunately I do not own a Mac or apple computer to take spiffy screen shots for this tutorial. The tutorial will have to be text based for the time being. I hope you don’t mind!

  • Step one: visit
  • Step Two: Select the apple logo
  • Step Three :Download the Kodi Installer  64 bit is your only option
  • Step four: Double click the file so it opens
  • Step Five: Drag Kodi into whichever app folder you want

There now kodi is installed, f you have Mac OS X 10.8 or higher you might get  a warning suggesting that Kodi is unsafe. This is Apple’s gatekeeper feature trying to discourage you from using third party applications. 

To work around this just right click kodi and select “open”

How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick

Kodi cannot be installed on amazon firestick. Actually the Fire Stick has to be “jailbroken” . This is quite easy to do and if you follow my steps you’ll have no issues at all.

All Credits go to toms guide for the images.

Go to  your system settings and select device.

Enable developer options

Now go to the amazon store and download the downloader app

Open the downloader app and visit

Select the android app to download since firestick runs android.

Wait for the download to finish 🙂

Once the download is finished select to install Kodi.