Mygica Atv329x Review – Read This Before Buying

MyGica ATV329X










User Friendliness



  • OTA Updates
  • 4k Resolution
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Android 6.0
  • Antenna

Mygica Atv329x Quad Core Android Tv Box Review

The MyGica ATV329X android box is an all in one box that comes with over the air updates and dual-band wifi that keeps your videos from buffering. I’m not the biggest fan of the antenna on the back of the box, I would rather the antenna be inside the box as I find it hurts the cosmetic look of the device. All in all this box is quite powerful and you can get your streaming needs met almost as soon as you set it up.

Mygica atv329x Specs

  • 4k Resolution – As most boxes come with this today it’s a must-have whenever buying an android box.
  • Dual-band Wifi – Another great feature to have since you can switch between bands depending on how far away from your modem you are in your house this might be needed. Also when you are close to your modem the 5g band can really help speed video streaming up.
  • 10/100 Mbps ethernet cable speed connection – This is great, I haven’t seen a box advertise this as a feature yet but it actually comes with a speedy connection via Ethernet cable, I always recommend using one instead of streaming with wifi.
  • .265 Hardware Decoding – This helps the mygica atv329x compress video files faster while keeping the video quality of your movies and TV shows the same.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video –  This supports HDR10 as long as you have a TV that does as well

  • Quad-Core – A quad-core CPU for a  speedy experience.
  • 2 GB DDR 3 ram- Most low-end boxes come with one GB DD3 which will get you by but can also cause some slow video streaming from time to time. Two GB basically ensures that this never happens.
  • 8 GB Of Storage – Kind of lackluster but this is what most boxes come with since they have an optional SD port. The more storage you have is definitely an advantage and 8 GB can only store so much.


The mygica atv329x is fairly well designed cosmetically. It’s enclosed with a black plastic case, black is already a nice color since it matches everything. It has a logo on the top of the box which doesn’t stand out too much, I honestly can’t stand colorful things in front of my TV. The antenna is a blemish, it just is. I understand that it’s for better quality wifi but I’m not a fan. Unfortunately, they decided to make the very tip of the antenna orange which definitely makes it stand out. Also with an antenna, it means you’re unlikely able to mount the android box to the back of your tv to hide it.

The mygica atv329x also has the power button, USB ports and SD port on the front. I can understand the power button being on the front but I can’t understand the ports being there. Most boxes keep them out of sight by having them on the side or back of the device, so this is definitely a turn off for me but since the box works okay I can deal with it!

What’s Included With The Mygica Atv329x

  • Over The Air Updates- Since this box comes with Android Marshmallow preinstalled that means it’s behind the times but with the over the air updates this allows you to update to the latest version of android which is great. It just means there’s a little bit more tinkering getting the box setup.
  • Remote – Self-explanatory but every box comes with one, some are terrible and some are good. This one seems pretty well built.
  • Power Adapter –  This is obviously a must or the box wouldn’t be able to turn on!
  • Ethernet Port – I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, having an ethernet port for you android box is a good feature to have. I understand that it can be looked at, at being behind the times but a true wired internet connection is the only real way to ensure that you have the highest speeds that your internet package is capable of providing.
  • SD card port – Having an SD card port is nice since the box only comes with 8 gb of storage, this allows you to add storage space to your device if you intend on storing and media files on the device.
  • Power Button – It’s not a great feature but in my opinion, all android boxes should come with one but most of the lower end ones don’t.
  • Two USB ports – Being able to plug USBs into your android box is a much, this allows you to stream files off your USB, or add files to the storage of your device, it’s a must-have.

What Apps Does It Come With?

Unfortunately, the mygica atv329x only comes with the standard apps that come installed with android. It doesn’t look like they went out of their way to add and apps to the device. This leads to a little bit of work for ourselves since we will have to install our favorite apps instead of being able to access them out of the box.

One good thing is it does come with Kodi pre-installed so at least they got that right. It doesn’t come with any addons pre-installed though which isn’t really an issue for me since I have the information and know-how to install these addons myself.


All in all the box is pretty good for the price. It does what’s advertised even though it does lack some features. I didn’t have any problem streaming any movies on it. The over the air updates were easy to use and didn’t take very long to do so that’s a plus. I tested this box on wifi and the connection seems good, I had little to no video buffering which is hard to do when it comes to using Kodi on android boxes. The remote feels like an actual TV remote and not something cheap from the dollar store, it fits comfortably in your hand and seems durable but I didn’t drop it to find out!

 Mygica Atv329x – Read This Before Buying

I hope if you made it this far this review helped your decision on purchasing the mygica atv329x.  It’s an all in one device that does what is advertised and would be ideal for any person trying to drip their toes in the world of Kodi.

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