Nothing Will Play On Kodi? Read Here To Understand Why

So you’ve decided to grab your favorite snack and sit down and watch some TV after a long day of work. But shit, none of your kodi addons are working so you’re stuck with staring at a blank screen!

98% of the time when someone tells me that they “hate kodi, they can never get anything to work.” It’s because they bought an android box off some guy on craigslist and weren’t educated properly on how to make Kodi work for you.

So when nothing will play on Kodi, there’s a pretty simple reason as to why. The android box or device you bought to stream with came preinstalled with addons. You were shown to point and click to specific addons to stream tv shows. This is great advice, when the addon is currently being developed and worked on but when an addon developer loses interest in their project or when they get shut down legally, the addon will break.

This means there is no new updates to the addons and pop goes your streaming experience.

How To Fix

The fix is quite simple, you need to install new addons on your kodi device. Staying up to date with the latest addons is the only possible way to keep your Kodi experience running smoothly. ( Having TV will also keep the misses happy)

So If you’re looking for new addons to install that work I suggest reading my page over at best kodi addons and install a few that will fit your needs.

Just a reminder that to have a good Kodi experience you will need to have a premium hosting account of sorts. With all the legal troubles streaming accounts have had in these past few years it has taken a toll on the whole free tv thing.

I recommend using Real debrid and linking it to an addon such as seren for kodi. This will provide you with all the 4k content you would like and will work 99% of the time. Oh and its also cheaper then Netflix!

Just remember, nothing in this world is free! Keep on keeping on!