The Best Box For Kodi 2021, Which One Should You Choose?

With so many boxes out there on amazon it can get pretty puzzling trying to decide which one to buy without getting stuck with a lemon!

Most 3rd party Chinese knock off Kodi boxes are packed with bloatware or haven’t been updated. Some aren’t even running a real version of android (Go Figure) .

So how do you not get stuck with one of these lemons? Well if you’ve come to this page I’m going to enlighten you this very second!

With all that being said and not wanting to get stuck with a lemon of a kodi box there’s one thing you’re going to have to do which is spend some dough. The cheap boxes selling for $30 aren’t worth their value as a paper weight.

You want an excellent streaming experience you’re going to have to pay upwards of $100. This will get you the bare minimum capabilities of streaming 4k resolution video.

My Personal recommendation and what I currently use daily to watch all my Kodi content is with an xbox one s.

Kodi is available on all xbox ones but the xbox one s is the cheapest model that supports 4k. With the new xbox series x and s out you’re likely to find this xbox fairly cheap new on amazon or used on Craigslist/ Kijiji.

It’s great to use a video game console as my tv streaming device because not only do I get to watch tv on Kodi I can play games when I feel like it.