The Best Kodi Builds For Instant Streaming

If you’re new to Kodi or just want a quick and simple way to get Kodi up and running then you are likely looking for a build. I wish I could say that I curated a in depth list of Kodi builds. But in actuality most Kodi builds suck, it’s just how it is. They’re clunky, they come with broken and outdated addons and slow your device down ten fold.

That being said I do have a build that I recommend and is very reliable. It is compiled with the majority of working kodi addons in 2019. This means that most of the addons I’ve shared with my users on this website are included with this build. But before we get started let me give you a little lesson on what a kodi build is.

What Is A Kodi build?

A Kodi Build is a compiled Kodi installation. People like me or you compile multiple addons and export the Kodi file and share it with the public. Builds are for quick setups, new comers to Kodi and just simplify the process of accessing and installing addons for streaming.

Kodi builds can include customized themes and certain settings set that optimize the kodi experience. Although this sounds great, some customized themes can bog down your streaming device. Unless you own a device like the Nvidia shield you want to avoid a lot of the customized themes because they will slow down your Kodi experience.

The best Kodi build should consist of the following things :

  • Working addons
  • Easy Navigation
  • Optimized settings for streaming
  • Minimized graphics
  • Basic theme

Now that we have a basic idea on what a kodi build is and what to look for when browsing the net on the search of the best kodi experience we can get started installing the build I recommend.

This build Includes the following addons :

  • Estuary with Gaia
  • OpenScrapers
  • Seren
  • Venom
  • Youtube
  • WatchNixToons2
  • Wonderfulsubs
  • Realizer
  • Premiumizer

 This build is recommended for most devices capable of running Kodi. Even the lower end firesticks have no problems with this build.


  • Add to your file manager sources and name the file source reaper.
  • Go to Add-on browser and Install from Zip File, go to reaper and install repository.redditreaper-1.*.zip
  • After it finishes installing, go to Install from repository>Reddit Reaper repository>Program Add-on’s>and install Reaper Wizard
  • A notification will pop up, dismiss it
  • Another prompt will pop up, check Keep my Trakt and Real-Debrid (this also saves pm), Keep Whitelist, and anything else you want the wizard to save and then press continue.
  • One last prompt will pop up will come up asking if you’d like to go to the Build Menu or Ignore, Press Build Menu
  • Pick which build you’d like, i recommend Base for most people since you’ll probably want to set up your skin how’d you like
  • Do a fresh install for best results, standard to keep your current stuff but if you’re planning to do standard install, backup your current setup. Don’t blame me if you have issues if you don’t do a fresh install
  • Prompt will appear, hit continue. It’ll now do its thing downloading and extracting the build. Kodi should close when done but if it doesn’t, it’ll ask you to force close, hit yes
  • Open Kodi back up and give it a sec to finish setting up everything. Takes about 30 sec’s. Sometimes when the build add-on is re-enabling Add-on’s Kodi might crash. Happens but it’ll be fine after you bring Kodi back up

Please note that the “base” build is for lower end devices because it’s features are simplified and will not bog down your android box or firestick. If you do have a more powerful device feel free to install the other builds offered in the build installer.