Best Android Box under $50

Top 5 Best Android TV Boxes Under $50

Deciding which android box or Kodi device can be a daunting task. There’s just so many to pick from and lots of lemons out there. You’re in luck! I’ve done the legwork and curated a top 5 best android TV boxes for under $50 list to narrow down all the options.

Before I get started reviewing the top 5 if you would like to spend a little more cash more a more quality device you can check out this review that I did previously.

Best Android TV Boxes Under $50

Android TV Box HK 1 Max

Best Android TV Boxes Under $50

The Hk 1 max android tv box comes with 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of DDR3 ram. This is perfectly acceptable for a budget android box and will satisfy all your Kodi needs. It also comes with a keyboard remote which a great feature to have because it can be hell to try and type search queries with a normal remote. The design is small and compact and unlike an actual box, this android box comes in a circle.

With Dual Band Wifi this box allows you to get the fastest speeds possible from your wifi connection. Or you can always opt for using the ethernet port as I do.

The clock on the front is a nice touch. You can never have too many clocks in your home (well you probably could) but having one in this android box lets me keep track of the time while binging TV shows.

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TUREWELL T95 Max Android 9.0 TV Box

Best android box under $50

The T95 max is definitely powerful for the price. Most higher-end android boxes come with these specs so I’m really surprised. With 4 GB DDR3 ram and 32 GB of storage, there isn’t much that you can’t do.  Not only with this amount of ram you should get smooth video playback but you could also do some retro gaming on this device.

The company also claims 6k resolution capabilities whether or not that is true is beyond my knowledge as I don’t have a TV that can display that resolution!

The device’s design is small and compact and looks pretty sleek. It also comes as the traditional square-shaped android box even though most brands seem to be moving away from this.

Unfortunately, the T95 Max doesn’t come with a free Bluetooth keyboard remote like the HK 1 Max so if you would like to have one you will have to order it separately.

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X96 Mini Android TV Box

Best android box under $50

This Android box packs quite a punch for such a small package. The X96 comes with the basic 2gb of DDR 3 ram and 16 GB of storage. Even with only 16 GB of storage, you have the option of using external hardware for more storage such as USB sticks. The Wifi card in this device supports 100 MBPS allowing for speedy and smooth playback.

The design of this box is meant to be small, quite surprisingly they didn’t have to sacrifice any features such as certain ports to make this design work.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

best android box


Obviously this is one of the more popular options out there for streaming Kodi and being able to access your favorite streaming services such as Netflix.

The design on this device can be sort of difficult depending on where your USB ports are located on your TV. My TV is wall mounted so I can save space and the USB ports are directly on the back. This doesn’t allow enough room for the device to be plugged in so I had to opt to use it as a bedroom device instead. This is definitely something you should consider before purchasing or you will end up in a situation like mine.

The storage definitely sucks, with only 8 GB and no real way of adding more external storage to the device definitely limits what you can and can’t put on your firestick.

The ram is sub-par at only 1.5 GB DDR4. This isn’t much of an issue though as this is a budget device that allows you to stream all your favorite TV content.

Unfortunately, you need to use a dongle to be able to use ethernet instead of wifi. The dongle also has to be ordered separately.

I know it seems I’m taking a crap on this device, I’m really not, I’m just stating the facts about this device. When you compare it to other android boxes it doesn’t hold up. But if you just want a simple and easy to use device then the amazon firestick is definitely a reliable device for you. This is why I included the firestick 4k on my list of best android boxes under $50 (even though it really isn’t an android box)

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Transpeed Android Tv Box

Transpeed Android box comes with a whopping 4 GB DDR 3 ram and 64 GB of storage. This is more than enough storage for your device but if you do need more you can externally add some!

The design is nice and sleek, it comes in a box shape with rounded corners. The clock on the front is a nice touch as I’ve mentioned before.

It also comes with a voice control remote using google to navigate which is great. You also get a wireless keyboard remote which helps when typing search queries online or in Kodi when looking for a movie.

The transpeed android box supports 4k – 6k resolution, I don’t know why android boxes support 6k. You will unlikely be able to find 6k streams on Kodi and at this resolution, you would need pretty fast internet.

Cozycost also guarantees a one year warranty on this device in case you run into any issues.

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Well that concludes my review, thanks for reading and I hope this post has helped you find an android box that supports your needs.

If you would like to compare the amazon fire tv stick to an android box you can always check out my other post here which goes into the details.