Wetek Hub Review – Will It Satisfy Your Streaming Needs?

Wetek Hub










User Friendliness



  • Compact
  • Bluetooth
  • 4k Resolution
  • WeControl App


  • 1 GB DD3 Ram
  • Some apps not working out of box

Wetek Hub Android Box Review

On the search to find a decent device to run Kodi I stumbled upon this gem. At first, I was at odds about purchasing this device. I was worried about the compact size not leaving enough room for important hardware that allows for speedy load times and optimal user experience. As a frequent purchaser of android boxes, gifting them and selling them to people all the while using them for personal use there is no doubt I’ve stumbled onto quite a few lemons in my day.



The Aesthetics of the Wetek Hub is nothing new. By that I mean, it is what it is; a box. But hey that’s why they call them android boxes, right? Other than that it comes encased in sleek hard plastic colored black. The logo is almost like it has been engraved into the plastic and is the same color as the box. This is a nice and subtle feature for the appearance in my opinion because if any of you remember the old MXQ android boxes they had a bright red logo right on the top of the box which then sits beside your TV, it’s a distraction!

The size of the box is one of the main reasons I wanted to purchase it, even though knowing I might be sacrificing some performance for size. I figured if the Amazon Firestick could keep itself so compact and still give a decent performance while streaming then this box should be capable as well.

All in all, I am very pleased with the appearance of this box.


Wetek Hub Specs

  • 4k resolution – This is great for streaming Kodi and using real debrid links or for using Netflix’s 4k package.
  • 4.0 Bluetooth – The Wetek Hub comes equipped as a full-blown media player. Connect your phone and stream music directly through your TV.
  • External infrared port – This is handy if you would like to mount the box behind your TV to keep it out of sight.
  • Amlogic S905 processor – ensures fast processing speeds and reliable system stability, all in one compact unit.
  • Surround sound compatibility– Can be hooked to most at home surround sound systems this is great for watching movies.
  • WeControl app – a custom app made by the manufacturers that allows you to control your device with your phone or tablet. This comes in handy when needed to browse the internet or search for movies on Kodi. Ever try to type something with an android box remote? Very Slow!
  • Memory – Unfortunately this is where the box the stalls.  The Wetek Hub only comes with 1 GB of DDR3 ram. Good enough for doing most things, but could get bogged down on more intensive tasks.
  • Micro SD Card Slot – allows you to add more storage to the device if you plan on keeping media on the WetekHub this is a must.
  • Ethernet Port – MAKE USE OF THIS! There are so many people out there that complain about slow load times and video buffering issues with Kodi. A lot of people don’t understand that using your box on the other side of your house with wifi can give them a frustrating experience. Video Streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth whether it’s Kodi or Netflix. Plugging your android box into ethernet cable can be the answer to a lot of people’s problems.
  • Dual-Band Wifi – Connect to different bands of wifi.

What’s Included With The Wetek Hub Android Smart TV Box?

  • remote Control Unit
  • Wetek Hub
  • HDMI Cable
  • IR Extender
  • Sticker
  • Update Nail
  • RS232
  • Antenna
  • Power Supply


What Apps Does It Come With?

  • Spotify – Premium and free music streaming app
  • Hulu – Paid video streaming service, you must have an account with an active subscription.
  • Sling – Paid live TV service, you must have an account with an active subscription.
  • Youtube – The video streaming website of the internet, free and paid!
  • Plex – A screencasting application, you can cast from the computer to your box with this.
  • Netflix – Paid video streaming service, you must have an account with an active subscription.
  • Google Chrome – Popular internet browser that all android devices come installed with.
  • HBO Now –  Paid video streaming service, you must have an account with an active subscription.

Depending on where you buy this box you may have to install Kodi yourself, that’s no big deal. You can click here to learn how to install kodi on android.

The Wetek Hub’s Reliability

After installing Kodi and a basic build with most of the popular working addons to date, I was pretty happy with the performance of the device. Loading Kodi is a joke for this thing. Load times are fast and video playback is smooth. I haven’t experienced any crashing issues with Kodi so far using this box ( cross my fingers!).  The remote functionality is decent, just as well as you would expect for an android box to have. Some of the buttons can be wonky at times but I usually don’t use the remote for any of my devices because I rather use my phone instead.

The resolution is great, no video staggering at 1080p, I haven’t got to try the 4k out yet but will be back with an update when I do. All in all this device is great for someone that just wants to stream and not use it for any other tasks. I’m unsure how well this device would hold up doing any sort of android gaming like emulation and such. WeTek does sell an android gaming controller as well and advertises it’s use with this box. Whether or not this box can handle gaming I cannot confirm as I haven’t tried and have no interest in trying.

Simple To Set up

As most android boxes are as long as you have a little know-how the hardware itself is very easy to set up. Take it out of the box it came in and plug it in and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, it’s not like the old days of android boxes though when Kodi and popular builds came preinstalled on the box. You will have to do some tinkering with the software to get everything up and running to start streaming. Or If you’re not interested in the Kodi Scene you and have a Netflix account you could just plug it into the Netflix app on the Wetek Hub and starting binge-watching immediately.

Will The Wetek Hub Satisfy Your Streaming Needs?

Absolutely! This system comes compact, very versatile and has enough power to use any streaming service available to android TV and yes also Kodi.  If you’re convinced and are interested in taking the plunge you can shop one here by clicking this link.