What Kodi Addons Have 4k Movies ?

So you’re looking for the best of the best quality for your online streaming experience. Kodi definitely wouldn’t be your first option for high quality video streaming because of popular streaming apps such as Netflix and Disney Plus. But with that being said you are limited to each streaming services contract licensing so maybe the movie you want to watch isn’t on those platforms.

Now with that being said, you are likely not going to find an addon that has free links and also supports 4k resolution. The reason being is that 4k resolution eats up server bandwidth like nobodies business. Free hosting websites usually only support video streaming in standard definition or up to 1080p with lots of buffering (YUCK!)

The only good way to stream 4k on Kodi is with a premium hosting account such as Real Debrid.

Want To learn more about Real debrid, read my blog post about it here

Real Debrid paired with any popular Kodi addon will allow you to stream in 4k resolution almost flawlessly. I have no affiliation with their service what so ever but do own an account and I do all my streaming in 4k via the seren addon.

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