Where Can I Find The Kodi App For My Tablet Or device?

So you have probably heard of this great program for watching tv and movies named Kodi. But without the proper guidance you’ve rushed to google in search of how to install this program! You’ve definitely landed on the right website for all your Kodi needs.

First off let me start by telling you that if you own an android device of any kind, this means smartphone, tablet, Chromebook etc. Then Kodi is available for your device and can be easily found on the google play store. If you are looking to install Kodi and get it up and running on any other device I suggest you read through my tutorials on how to install on windows, Xbox etc. You can find those tutorials here.

Installing Kodi is just the first step into delving into Kodi. You will need addons which are basically apps for Kodi that allow you to stream movies, tv etc.

If you are looking for the latest and greatest addons for kodi to install you can find them on the homepage of my website or you can read my page for the best kodi addons