Why You Should Always Use An Android Box Keyboard

Most people that purchase Android boxes don’t realize what they are getting themselves into. I would almost say that the majority of people purchasing Android boxes have never used one before! So to their surprise when they get their device set up and start browsing around with the remote they realize something. Android TV is basically what they’ve all been used to using on their smartphones, Android. So when you go to search something up either in your internet browser or Kodi on your android box, an on-screen keyboard displays. So now the user has to use their remote control to type out the words they would like to search for. If you have had to do this before then you already know how frustrating and slow this can be and here’s why.

Android Box Remotes

The remotes that come with android boxes are far from perfect, a lot of remotes come with limited functionality. They can also have weak Ir sensors leading to delayed button input and sometimes the buttons end up mapped to another button for whatever reason. I blame this on poor quality control of the manufacturer.  One remote I had for an android box would always turn on the on-screen mouse and then it wouldn’t turn off! I hated the remote and opted to use my phone instead. Just imagine me trying to type with that thing, it’s not good.

As the years have gone by and the technology has gotten better so have the remotes but I still wouldn’t recommend relying on them for searching the internet or using it for finding movies on Kodi.

Android Box Wireless Keyboards

So what is an Android Box wireless keyboard and what does it do? Well, obviously it’s just a wireless keyboard just like the one you would use for your desktop computer. The benefit of using a wireless keyboard for your android box is that you can search and browse the internet efficiently while limiting your frustrations. Being able to quickly search for anything saves you time and will increase your overall experience with your android box. Most keyboards can act as remote controls as well and you can use it for maneuvering through the android tv software. Another great feature is being able to turn your android box on and off with your wireless keyboard, so if you do lose your remote control you will always have a back up. It’s important to have a backup way of powering on your android box if it doesn’t come with a power button. Certain brands of android boxes do not come with power buttons and the only way to turn them on or off is with the remote.

How To Connect Wireless Keyboard To Android Tv Box

Most but not all wireless keyboards for android boxes come with a dongle that can be plugged into the USB port of your Android box. Some wireless keyboards made for android boxes are Bluetooth only and can be connected to an android box that is compatible with Bluetooth. In my opinion, I wouldn’t purchase any keyboard that relies on Bluetooth only.

My Android TV Box Wireless Remote Recommendation

Rii i8+ wireless keyboard


The Rii I8 + wireless keyboard comes with a touchpad mouse for browsing and the letters are led backlit. This keyboard is rechargeable so there is no worrying about having to purchase batteries to use it. Just charge the keyboard and go! The Rii I8+ plus also comes with a USB dongle and doesn’t use Bluetooth which makes this much more reliable keyboard then it’s counterparts. All in all, I would say this keyboard is the best bang for your buck if you are looking for a wireless keyboard for your android box.



Android Box Wireless Keyboards Alternatives

The only real alternative to using a real wireless keyboard with your android box is through phone apps. I myself currently use the Yatse app for browsing through Kodi. Unfortunately, this app only works within Kodi but since that’s all I use my box for, that doesn’t bother me. If you are running an android phone you could also install Remote VC and this will allow you to control your android box outside of Kodi. Read my previous blog post if you want to know how to install them.

Android Boxes That Come With Wireless Keyboards

When shopping for Android boxes online you can find certain brands that come with their own wireless keyboard. The keyboards for these can be hit or miss sometimes but the majority of the time they are a quality keyboard. If it were me just starting out looking to purchase an android box I would definitely buy one that was offering a wireless keyboard for a few more dollars.

The android box and wireless keyboard package I would recommend purchasing would be the Evanpo T95z Plus.

This android box comes with an s912 octa-core CPU, 3 gigabytes of DDR3 ram and 32 gigabytes of storage. Basically this android box is perfect for anyone looking to stream content or play video games because of the high-quality specs.

It comes with a wireless keyboard that has a dongle and isn’t reliant on Bluetooth. This means you can also use this keyboard for other devices such as your computer or your video game console. The wireless keyboard is also backlit so you don’t have to worry about not seeing the buttons when watching movies in the dark!




Obviously you do not need to own a wireless keyboard remote to use your android box. Without one though you limit the functionality of your device and also give yourself more trouble than it’s worth. If I was in the market for an android box I would either make sure to buy an android box that comes with a wireless keyboard. Or I would make sure to purchase one separately. Do not purchase an android box without getting a keyboard or setting your phone up to be able to type words! Save yourself a headache!