Xiaomi Mi Box S Review – It’s Cheap But Is It Worth The Price?

Xiaomi Mi Box S










User Friendliness



  • Price
  • ps4 controller compatibility
  • Easy to setip


  • poor remote design
  • no ethernet port

Xiaomi Mi Box S Review

The mi box s seems to be fairly cheap in comparison to other options for android boxes. The price is pretty close to the amazon fire stick and comes with the same amount of features except for the Alexa voice control ( it does have google voice control) and that it comes with options to add more storage via ports. The design of the box is pretty on par with other boxes, it’s nice and black and the logo doesn’t stand out too much which is a good sign.

The remote is a pain that’s for sure, for whatever reason Xiaomi decided to place the back button of the remote in the center of the remote so that takes some time getting used to. The box’s performance is definitely limited but if all you’re looking to do is stream stuff it does the job.

I looked into certain reviews on amazon and such before even purchasing and making sure this box was a worthwhile review for me to add to my website content. I deemed it worthy enough so here I am today telling you about the box.  Some of the reviews on amazon were negative which is always to be expected depending on the user trying to work the machine.

The majority of the reviews for this box were rated somewhere in the middle and I would have to agree with them on those terms. The mi box s  definitely won’t blow you out of the water but it does get the job done for an at-home media entertainment center.

Let’s move on to a more in-depth review 🙂

Xiaomi Mi Box S Specs

  • Output Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160) – Claims 4k resolution whether or not it can perform well enough to actually watch a smooth video playback is up for question. Works fine with 720p and 1080p so I can recommend it for users with TVs that don’t support 4k.
  • CPU: Cortex-A53 Quad-core 64bit – The CPU is okay like I said this box is good for streaming movies and such just not much else.
  • GPU: Mali-450 – Works good with 1080p resolution and under, I can’t vouch for the 4k claims.
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3 – The amount of ram is good enough and this is what most basic android boxes come with, some still only come with 1 and I would definitely avoid those ones. The amount of ram the mi box has is pretty much on par with the fire stick.
  • Storage: 8GB  – Storage is lacking, I don’t know why companies are still insisting on only producing android boxes with 8 gb of storage when android itself takes up 3-4 Gb of storage. You can add storage to the device so it’s not really a big deal it just feels like they cheaped out on this option. But for the price what else can you expect?
  • Operating System: Android TV 8.1 – This actually comes with a legitimate full-fleshed copy of android TV 8.1 installed on it, some boxes come loaded with just the android phone software. With android 8.1 being installed I have to say at least Xiaomi is trying to keep up to date.  A couple of android boxes I’ve done reviews on still came with android 7 factory installed.
  • Dual-Band Wifi – Great feature to have but I don’t really want to give Xiaomi praise for this because they decided to not give their device an ethernet port. I find an ethernet port is more important for video streaming then having two channels of wifi to access.

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Xiaomi Mi Box S Aesthetics

Mi Box S comes in a sleek black case with curved corners and nice tiny logo on the top that looks to be engraved so it doesn’t stand out. There are no buttons on the front so the box looks pretty good with nothing dirtying up the face. Looks great on my entertainment stand, doesn’t look cheap but definitely feels cheap. All in all the box is on par for looking good cosmetically and definitely beats some other android boxes in the looks department.


What’s Included With The Mi Box S

  • Remote control
  • User Manual – Great thing to have if you run into any issues, even if it is lacking troubleshooting suggestions.
  • Batteries
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI Cable – I find these always too short and end up either buying a longer one or finding a longer one I have lying around my house. You might as well throw this one in the trash.


What Apps Come With The Mi Box S?

  • Sling Tv – Paid live TV streaming service.
  • Spotify – Paid and free music streaming service.
  • HBO – Paid Streaming service
  • Netflix – Paid Streaming service.
  • VUDO – Paid Streaming service.
  • Youtube – Free video streaming website/app.
  • CBS All Access – paid streaming service.
  • Google Play Music – Free and paid music streaming service.
  • Google play movies and tv – Paid Streaming service.
  • Showtime – paid streaming Service.

This device doesn’t come with Kodi pre-installed but can easily be accessed by visiting the play store and downloading the latest version of Kodi from there. This also means you must install your own addons onto the device via Kodi and repositories.

Tired of reading ? Get The Xiaomi Mi Box S Now


The device’s reliability is okay as long as you understand that the device should really only be used for streaming content. I wouldn’t recommend using this android box for gaming or using anything too heavy that would cause too much of a load onto the mi box s.  This device was developed with google’s android developers and has replaced the google nexus boxes.  From what I see it is on par with other devices but it definitely wouldn’t be my go-to device to buy.


What I like

I do like the cosmetic appearance of the mi box s, there’s no ugly antennas or logos that stand out. The voice control is a good option to have and matches the capability of the amazon fire stick with this feature. I like the fact that Google had a hand in making this device and means that software and updates should be somewhat reliable.


What I don’t like

I’m definitely not a fan of not having an ethernet port option. You could always by a dongle that plugs in via USB but that isn’t the point. Any device that is streaming today should have the option of a hardwired internet connection. What if someone were to buy this device and have a poor wifi reception? That basically means this box is an overpriced paperweight.

Not a fan of the remote either, I can understand they were going for a minimalistic design but they should’ve put more thought into which buttons went where. The back button is in the center and obviously I’ve hit it by accident a few times or I wouldn’t be complaining about it!

The storage is another issue with me. I would rather see the mi box come with 16 GB of storage and not 8.  8 GB of storage is very limiting and requires you to either add on to the storage via usb which could lead to you spending more money.

Would I Recommend This Device?

I would only recommend this android box to somebody that just wants a reliable android box that’s the main purpose is streaming. I would not recommend this device to anyone that would like to explore other perks of having an android box such as playing emulated games. You can click here if you wish to purchase the Xiaomi mi box s