Zidoo Z9S Android Box Review – What Can’t It Do?

Zidoo Z9S










User Friendliness



  • Dual Wifi
  • 4k Resolution
  • Bluetooth


  • Android 7.1

Zidoo Z9S Android Box Review

The Zidoo Z9s is an exciting android box fit slick into a nice and shiny silver aluminum case. A dual Wifi featured masterpiece that has it’s very own built in music player. The music player allows you to  play music directly off your phone since the Z9S has built in bluetooth. Seriously what more could you ask for ?

Device Specs

  • 2 GB of DDR3 Ram – Most boxes come with one so this is definitely an upgrade if you have a lesser quality android box.
  • 16 GB storage space – This will keep  you going for awhile if you are downloading files straight to the zidoo z9s. I also suggest using the SATA port as it gives you a huge advantage.
  •  64 bit CPU – handles 64 bit processing.
  •  Dual WiFi 2.4G&5G – Great for switching bands depending on how far away your android box is from your modem.
  • 3D 4K H.265 & 60P DECODING – Allows for 3d playback and more realistic picture of your tv shows and movies.


The Zidoo Z9S is pretty sleek. It comes fully enclosed with a silver aluminum case. You might be asking why is this important? Well if you haven’t noticed most android boxes and most electronics this day and age come encased with plastic. This can make the product feel cheap and less durable then it should be. Also you have to wonder if the company is cheaping out on a case for the electronics, what else are they cheaping out on?

The antennas oh god why these antennas? I understand its for the wifi and is supposedly suppose to give you a better wifi signal (I can’t vouch for that) but it sure does make box look ugly. It is definitely in unfortunate feature that almost ruins the design.

The clock on the front is a nice touch, you can never have to many clocks in your home! Unless you’re a hoarder of clocks or something… Either way it’s a nice feature to add and does add to the design of the box and I enjoy being able to look at the box and know how many hours I’ve wasted away binge watching my favorite TV shows during the winter months.

What’s Included With The Zidoo Z9S?

  • Remote – Every box usually comes with one of these, this one works great and I haven’t had any issues.
  • Power Adapter – Self explanatory, can’t turn it on without one!
  • Ethernet Port – I always suggest using these over using wifi when streaming videos.
  • Hdmi Out – Allows you to stream your videos to other devices.
  • Hdmi In – Self explanatory..
  • Optical Port – This port is for audio systems using optical ports.
  • SATA Port – This allows you to plug in hard drives. Meaning more space for videos, add your whole media library and stream away!
  • USB Ports – These are useful for installing apps or loading your zip files for certain Kodi repositories onto your android box.

What Apps Does The Zidoo Z9S Come With?

  • Netflix – Paid video streaming service.
  • Prime Video – If you already have amazon prime then this is a bonus.
  • YouTube – Free video streaming website.
  • Google Play Movies – Movie streaming service by the company Google.
  • Plex – Video casting app so you can stream video from your laptop or phone to your android box.
  • Hulu – Paid video streaming service.
  • Vudu – Paid video streaming service.
  • YouTube TV – Paid live tv service from the company Google.
  • Spotify – Paid and free music streaming service.
  • HBO – Paid video Streaming service.
  • Sling TV – Paid live tv service.
  • Facebook – Social media application, browse facebook on your tv!
  • ESPN – Sports video streaming service.
  • CBS – Paid CBS programming.
  • NBC – Paid NBC programming.
  • ABC Paid ABC programming.

Unfortunately most android boxes today don’t come with Kodi pre installed this can be a good or bad thing for certain people. Some people don’t have the know how to get Kodi up and running on an android box but it isn’t terribly difficult to do. Looking at it from another light it can be a good thing that Kodi doesn’t come installed on your android box. The old android boxes that came with Kodi pre installed usually came with bulked up builds that not only slowed your device down but also had a lot of broken addons. This lead to many unhappy people expecting a free tv experience straight out of the box.


From turning on the box to checking out all of it’s features, everything seemed to work as advertised. The music player worked and I didn’t experience any issues what so ever streaming my music directly to the Zidoo z9s. The front clock display does what is suppose to do and the displays is easily readable. The Bluray playing feature is a nice touch to the box, playing a bluray media file didn’t seem to lag and played flawlessly. Firmware get’s released quite regularly for zidoo and keeping the it updated means keeping the device reliable. Most android boxes don’t give you the opportunity to do this. The 3d playback support needed to be tuned up  a bit in the settings option but other than that I can see the device lasting multiple years.

Seriously.. What Can’t It Do?

If you’ve made it this far then you must realize how much the zidoo Z9S has to offer.  This android comes preloaded with the most popular paid video streaming apps. Has a freakin clock in the front of it, dual wifi bands, bluray playback capability and so much more. Not only does it have all these features it allows you to plug in a SATA hard drive for extra storage. I say extra but I actually mean A LOT of storage, extra storage would be an sd cards capabilities. I definitely recommend this box to anyone that wants a reliable media streaming device that will be around for years to come.

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